Workshop – Develop your product with speed scrum

Recently Hack&Craft teamed up with Start-Up Berlin to try out something new: we wanted to  get to know our peers from the Berlin startup world and compare notes on how we go about building products. After all, what you know is hardly any good without who you know and vice versa, right? Right. So keeping up with that, yesterday was the date of our first lecture and networking event organised by Stephen Crouch and hosted by Hack&Craft.

November 13, 2013

First to take the floor was our very own CEO Harry McCarney who talked about product development procedures at Hack&Craft. Thanks to a flexible and efficient practice the Hack&Craft team perfected over the years, they are able to successfully tackle highly-complex projects like FriendfundGymondo  and Brad’s Wine. Harry explained the secrets behind the workings of an agile team and the steps of bringing complicated  projects to a successful close in eight weeks or less.


Following Harry’s presentation was Polina Marchenko who pitched her very own startup named KptnCook. The app is marketed at people who don’t have the time to grocery shop or just don’t like doing it, but are still keen on cooking at home. So they simply select the recipe via KptnCook and then pick up all the ingredients, prepared and packed at the affiliated super market. Polina walked us through her idea and strategy and the audience gave her some solid feedback. When all was said and presented, we mingled and talked and made new friends.


All in all, we’ll chalk this one up as an absolute success and are already looking forward to the next one. Tell us: what sort of topics would you be interested in? Or would you perhaps like to know more about Hack&Craft’s approach to product development?