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We are delighted that you want to contribute to Hack and Craft’s continuing dialogue on Innovation. We have set a few pointers out below. They are intended to help you make a strong contribution.

  1. Hack & Craft News is primarily about innovation and design but very much from the viewpoint of the practitioner or the original thinker.
  2. For that reason we prefer not to publish material that you have already published elsewhere.
  3. We want to give you space to think in a refreshing new way. We don’t put a word limit on articles so you don’t have to think how to get your thoughts into 650 or 800 words. Our articles tend to be 1200 or above.
  4. Nonetheless try to be succinct. We can help you with some editing if necessary and if the article looks up our street.
  5. The fact we are looking for original ideas means we would like you to focus on experiences of innovation that haven’t been covered in other online sites or magazines. Experience is an important factor. We don’t publish very much on theory. Our outside contributors have been CIOs, CTOs and other people who have done original innovation work.
  6. We are happy to publish interviews with leading designers or innovators of note.
  7. If you are worried in any way that your idea may or may not fit, drop us a line first.
  8. Editorial judgments at our end are final and we reserve the right not to go into any detailed correspondence if we reject an article. We are reasonable people and will say why we don’t want to publish but our decision is final.
  9. We share copyright with you. You can publish elsewhere after we publish but we prefer you wait a couple of weeks before doing that and post a link back to with an acknowledgement that we published first.

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